Saving you money…keeping you warm…

I figured that that little critter who saw his shadow today was out of the loop considering if was warm enough to get by with a light jacket. Unfortunatley the cloud-watchers here say flurries tonight. Coming from New Jersey…I consider it false advertising for a city to have both snow AND palm trees.

Keeping warm seems to be the theme this year. I have two reports coming up that will help you do that…and hopefully save you some money. I hear a lot of gripping about the heat bills around here…any thoughts you’d like to share? 20 degrees in January feels like July in New Jersey so I personally haven’t been slammed by a huge bill…if any of you have…let me know.

I’ll be sending you an update on my “Getting In” story soon too. If you remember…I’ve been following a crew from Laney High all year as they compete to get into college. I still cant believe their schedules…sometimes its ’round the clock. I dont care HOW small my jeans were in high school….I’d never want to go back to that grind again! The kids are amazing and much to my surprise…they have already gotten their letters. I’d love to hear from parents and students from other schools to hear how its going…..


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